Personal Trainer Job Description: What PT’s Do?

If you are looking for a career as a personal trainer it is suggested that you gain an understanding of the personal trainer job description: a thorough knowledge of the responsibilities as well as the perks. Choosing this career path involves rigorous testing in personal trainer certification exams but it also holds the promise of a lucrative fitness trainer salary.

Personal Trainer Job DescriptionThe Main Aspects of the Personal Trainer Job Description

The first place you may find a personal trainer is at your company, local gym or health club. In a corporate setting the personal trainer job description will have a different level of responsibility than at an exercise studio. In this case the focus will be on the employee’s fitness as it relates to their productivity in the workplace. The fitness professional in this setting may develop exercise routines that can be done at an employee’s desk as well as in a group exercise setting.

For a fitness professional at a health club, the personal trainer job description may be focused on working with different clients throughout the facility as a way to improve the effectiveness of their exercise routines.

In the case where the personal trainer operates from their own exercise studio, the personal trainer job description takes on another dimension with one-on-one sessions that allow them to give their undivided attention to the specific needs of their clients.

Matching Your Qualifications to a Personal Trainer Job Description

The first step in fulfilling your quest to enter the health and wellness industry is to know yourself; your qualifications as well as your limitations as it relates to the personal trainer job description. Secondly, it’s important to have realistic expectations; particularly if you are a newcomer to the scene.

If you want to open your own studio as a personal trainer you will need a diversified set of skills to handle the requirement of the personal trainer job description; business management, marketing skills and financial support in addition to the best personal training certification.

On the other hand, what skills and personal attributes are required to fulfill the personal trainer job description for a health club? The trend at most health club facilities is to hire fitness professionals with at least one certification and 1 year of real world work experience. The size of the facility can often determine the scope of your work and whether you will work with others or be the only personal trainer.

Be sure that whichever career path you intend to pursue that you are in top physical condition; more than anything else this will be used to judge whether or not you are up to the task. In addition to having exercise skills the ability to empathize, communicate well and get along with a broad spectrum of people is important. This is not always written as a part of the personal trainer job description but it’s extremely important for your success.

Last but not least, the personal trainer salary that you desire also depends on your qualifications and experience plus the level of responsibilities you can manage. These factors will vary from one employer to another, but having a general idea of what to expect in the personal trainer job description will help you be prepared to secure the best salary.

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Personal Trainer Job Description: What PT's Do?
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